Personal Hacker News Reader

By Marcel Hauri
FAQs: Why we don’t have them (2013)
79 points66 comments3 hours
Are 14 people looking at that product?
79 points66 comments3 hours
CT scans of AirPods evolution
884 points248 comments14 hours
Miniature 3456 LED Cube
157 points26 comments7 hours
Common shell script mistakes (2008)
5 points1 comment57 minutes
Debunking Cloudflare’s recent performance tests
450 points262 comments14 hours
Web3? I have my DAOts
299 points433 comments14 hours
Unbundling Work from Employment (2020)
3 points1 comment46 minutes
Advent of Code 2021 with PostgreSQL
153 points21 comments11 hours
C++ in the Linux Kernel
80 points52 comments8 hours
On Hubris and Humility
61 points11 comments7 hours
Turandot and the Deep Indo-European Roots of “Daughter”
22 points3 comments2 days
Tell me an engineering murderboard story (2017)
17 points13 comments3 days
Cloud infrastructure should be immutable
9 points4 comments16 hours
Image Kernels Explained Visually
4 points0 comments1 hour
PCB Business Card
76 points40 comments11 hours
Show HN: I made a modern web UI for Wikipedia
881 points391 comments19 hours
Libcontainer: Insecure handling of bind mount sources
37 points4 comments9 hours
Viagra Is Linked to Almost 70% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's
109 points50 comments7 hours
145 points63 comments3 days
Cultural reception of geometry in early modern Europe
35 points5 comments2 days
Bouncing a LoRa message off the moon
138 points65 comments18 hours
LEDs Puzzle
23 points3 comments3 days
Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning
156 points23 comments19 hours