Personal Hacker News Reader

By Marcel Hauri
Don't Become an Enterprise/IT Architect–Strategist
56 points8 comments23 hours
Ssheven: A modern SSH client for Mac OS 7-9
275 points110 comments12 hours
Why printers add secret tracking dots (2020)
145 points92 comments5 hours
Lang Jam: create a programming language in a weekend
205 points65 comments13 hours
TikTok and the Future of Social Media
18 points28 comments2 days
Creating a DOOM-inspired aesthetic with PlayCanvas
41 points8 comments6 hours
Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results (2020)
346 points228 comments17 hours
Reprogrammable Satellite Launched
4 points0 comments23 hours
Download a CSV of your Amazon purchases
180 points74 comments14 hours
Air – Live reload when developing with Go
74 points28 comments1 day
Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring
points0 comments4 hours
101 points15 comments2 days
Restaurant prices in the 19th and 20th centuries (2009)
105 points94 comments1 day
We Still Don’t Get Things Done
334 points152 comments2 days
How hard is it to get counting right?
65 points12 comments1 day
Where has all the productivity gone?
186 points173 comments20 hours
Blizzard's reputation collapsed in just three years
239 points122 comments10 hours
William S. Burroughs in New York
10 points3 comments1 day
The Retrocomputing Archive
106 points20 comments16 hours
Faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization
564 points120 comments21 hours
One-Thousand Year-Old Plants
64 points16 comments16 hours