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By Marcel Hauri
The Return of Fancy Tools
193 points78 comments6 hours
A URL Lengthener
913 points231 comments14 hours
Coinbase’s successful transition to React Native
72 points36 comments4 hours
TikTok Remix Culture
140 points71 comments6 hours
In the Search to Stall Aging, Biotech Startups Are Out for Blood
57 points28 comments5 hours
Quake3e, a modern Quake III Arena engine
156 points49 comments9 hours
DarkSide ransomware gang quits after servers, Bitcoin stash seized
676 points564 comments14 hours
China lands rover on Mars
186 points121 comments4 hours
The Pitchblende of Cornwall, England (1915) [pdf]
6 points0 comments22 hours agoSouth-Terras.pdf
We Are Still Out Here – Museum of ZZT
25 points3 comments19 hours
Create New Stripe Invoice with
3 points0 comments59 minutes
Counter-Strike Global Offsets: reliable remote code execution
130 points38 comments10 hours
Digital Nose Stimulation Enables Smelling in Stereo
15 points0 comments20 hours
Debugging random slow writes in PostgreSQL
46 points5 comments20 hours
Lima: Linux-on-Mac
203 points280 comments22 hours
Don't Talk to Corp Dev (2015)
166 points98 comments11 hours
AmigaOS 3.2
127 points62 comments11 hours
“Bush Hid the Facts”
24 points1 comment2 hours
Overcoming Tab Overload
142 points184 comments12 hours
Paper Aeroplane Wind Tunnel
44 points5 comments23 hours
Forth: Stack-Manipulation Operators
99 points44 comments12 hours
Study in zebrafish examines how tumors alter whole-body metabolism
44 points15 comments11 hours
BlueHydra – Bluetooth device discovery service
12 points1 comment6 hours
Show HN: A Windows 7 web desktop recreation
49 points20 comments8 hours
Roden Crater
27 points8 comments7 hours
The Spanish Witches of Cartagena
51 points4 comments24 hours