Personal Hacker News Reader

By Marcel Hauri
A viable solution for Python concurrency
554 points251 comments10 hours
Minias – A mini x86-64 assembler for fun and learning
36 points2 comments3 hours
Some reasons to work on productivity and velocity
170 points84 comments8 hours
Functional Algorithms, Verified
46 points16 comments5 hours
NixOS and the Art of OS Configuration
16 points0 comments3 hours
Mezzano on Librebooted ThinkPads
186 points30 comments10 hours
The Math Behind “Spot It”
23 points7 comments1 day
Implementing form filling and accessibility in the Firefox PDF viewer
126 points63 comments10 hours
Explore the most detailed map of the universe – EPFL Longread
36 points3 comments5 hours
“Progress” by Aldous Huxley (1928)
12 points1 comment2 days
Open source is coming to financial services
169 points58 comments12 hours
Scaling Indexing and Search – Algolia New Search Architecture
52 points8 comments4 days
Apple fires leader of AppleToo movement
73 points50 comments1 hour
Cortical Column Networks
22 points7 comments5 hours
Louisville sawmill challenges perception about wages
6 points1 comment2 hours
Save the Scribe: the women who worked with medieval manuscripts
29 points16 comments1 day
How not to blow up the production database
67 points16 comments9 hours
“as_strided” and “sum” are all you need
56 points7 comments7 hours
Exploring Programmers' API Learning Processes
19 points0 comments23 hours
Trust-Busting as the Unsexy Answer to Google and Facebook
282 points294 comments15 hours
Most Canadians believe Facebook harms their mental health
583 points245 comments12 hours
PostgreSQL adds support for OUT parameters in Procedures
90 points23 comments12 hours
Speed Matters
179 points126 comments12 hours
Tether Fined $41M for Lying About Reserves
313 points226 comments12 hours
Kyoto – Build Front End with Golang
73 points25 comments2 days